Clownfish & blennies


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I plan on getting a 3 foot long tank, (less then 18" high) and i was wounder... how are false perc clownfish with say a spotted or lawnmower blenny? would a tank this size be suitable for both? or should ionly get 1... also for those type of clownfish i was thinking of getting 2 of them, is this wise? or should i only stick with the one?

(if blennies are OK with clowns what should i add first? the clowns or the blenny, or would it be better to add them at the same time?)

oh lasty i was going ot get a bta for the clown, should i worry about getting one with the blenny? or would it be better to go with somthing else?

well thanks!


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They will mix well, clowns dont always need a anemone, but i think will do better in a pair. Dont think about a anemone if the tank is still inmature. Do some research and then consider anemone.


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i have a pair of black and white Ocellaris clowns and a lawnmower blenny in my 125 and they sometimes cruise around with each other. i wouldnt think it would matter what order you add them in.

As for the bta i cant give any advice as for i havent had one yet, i know my bleeny loves hopping from one rock to the other, but im told at my LFS when im ready to get one it shouldnt pose a prob.