Complete System For Sale.


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Sadly i have to sell everything i have just set up for personal reasons. I will not part it out, only because i dont want to be stuck with a bunch of misc parts that will never sell. Everything is in new condition. It is all set up and running. Buyer will need to help tear down and transport. Below is the list of what it consists of. NO LIVESTOCK.

-150 gallon LeeMar 3/4" glass aquarium center overflow with black stand and canopy.
- 50x16x16" tall Advanced Acrylic sump with refugium (skimmer/refugium/return)
- Mag 9.5
- Mag 7
- 2x Vortech Mp-40 (new model)
- Phosban reactor
- Custom Advanced Acrylic media reactor (large) i use for carbon
- Warner Marine AS-150
- PFO dual 250w ballast w/lights and fixture 14k
- PFO 400w ballast w/light and fixture 20k
- Clip on lights for refugium
- JBJ 1/3 HP chiller
- 120+ LBS Marco Rock 7 mos cycled now (estimate)
- 30+ LBS Fiji and Marco rubble in refugium (estimate)
- 200+ LBS of Caribsea live sand in display
- Flow accelerators
- AC JR w/temp probe
- 2x 250w Stealth heaters
- JBJ hood fans
- Misc. Ballasts, parts, power heads, test kits etc.

I think $3800 (OBO) is a fair price being that it cost upwards towards 6k. Please dont low ball me im already bummed out on the sale. Lmk if you would like to view it.

Thanks, Louie
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O_O wow. I'm definitely sad to see that tank have to go. It had fantastic potential. Good luck selling everything. Did you already sell all the livestock?


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I have livestock but im giving them to a friend. Im waiting for email of pic from my phone. I will post it soon as i get it.


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Here it is with only the 400w on. I didnt plan on running other lights until i got corals.


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Yah it really sucks but im sure i will be back one day.

Yes you have to be back one day!!! You would've done great things to this tank..its really sad it has to go! =(


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and you were just getting into saving fish! haha

Hope you join us again soon! Good luck on the other side!