Condy vs. Cleaner Shrimp...


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Bought a condy anemone today, and introduced into my 55 gallon tank. One of my cleaner shrimp has been picking at it ever since I put the condy in the tank. It appears to be trying to eat the tentacles of the anemone. Is this common? Should I be worried? Not sure, if he's just picking, or actually trying to eat it. The nem just seems to be taking it, and not trying to sting it or grab ahold of the shrimp. Will this pass??



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i had a cleaner shrimp that im pretty sure was a host to a LTA of mine,

had the LTA in my tank for about 7 weeks, and the day i put it in there, the shrimp when to it, picked it, stayed by it, few tiems the LTA would walk up the glass to the top corner, the shrimp would try to swim up there to it, but fall back down, pretty sure they were best friends ... then i took the LTA out, and i swear the shrimp went into depression, was in caves... and just didnt look as active for about 2 weeks, until i introduced a new LTA ..

so from my opinion you should be fine, i had 1 do it for about 7 weeks, had noticble growth in the LTA, and coloration, and it seemed to do fine.. =D

but im no expert.