Connecting an ACII


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Is there a way to connect the ACII Wireless to a computer? IF not could one get like a 30ft or so Serial cable? My new sump and equipment is in the basement and the display is in the living room. Our laptop is also in the living room and would like to connect the ACII to that computer. Any help would be appreciated thank you.



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I would bet you could do it with the normal game adapter that they use on the ACIII and a serial to ip converter. I have a serial to ip converter I use at work. Can't remember the exact brand but the project would probably cost approx $200.00 so might as well upgrade to an ACIII or even an Apex. The Ethernet to serial is something similar to this.

In fact this looks like it would work because it has the software to virtually create a com port to connect to your software and direct it out the ethernet port. Once you have that all you have to do is connect the wireless game controller "Linksys wireless game adapter, Model # WGA54G version 2" and come out of that and hook it up to the hardware part of the serial to ip converter. I am sorry I can't remember the exact serial to ip converter I use, but the one above is very similar.