Considering another 6110 stream

Brian Peterson

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Rodger (and anyone tagging along),

I bought a 6110 for my 180 (72x24,24) that I am currently
setting up. From a 115 gal. that I have now.
I purchased it thinking that I would use a pair of 1/2 inch
Seaswirls that a have now to suppliment it. And, possibly
adding a SQWD also, and running a couple of lines through the overflow to add circulation behind the rock. I would have to get another return pump
(amp 3600 probably).
My current thinking is that I might add another 6110 and "bag" the rest of that hardware and keep it cleaner of hardware and plumbing.
Plus the lower power consuption.
And I actually think that using a single controller for each would be better.
NOT a multi. I feel that setteng each controller to a different pulse timing would make the point of "collision" on the Stream fronts always changing. Thus creating greater turbulance at different points in the tank all day long.
I was also thinking about putting each pump on a standard appliance timer and have each one maybe switch off for an hour every 5 hours or so. At different times of course for each pump, so the full flow will be forced unobstucted to each end of the tank a couple times a day.
I realize that I may have to turn down the power of the pumps to
acommidate all the live stock. (mostly SPS, clams, some LSP, very few softies / maybe none).
But I feel that the having the full power option would be a benifit when I want to "shake things." Meaning, that I could turn them full blast for a short time to knock any detritis loose from behind rockwork. Thus eliminating anyreturn lines behind rockwork.
Also, I will have shallow sandbed of heavier sand for astetics only.
DSB will located remotely with the refugium.

How does this plan sound ????

The plan sounds fine though the Multicontroller could accomplish just about all those things and depending on how good the timers you plan to buy are- may actually be cheaper.
Can the multicontroller control both pumps independently?

Is the multicontroller better than a timer in the way it turns on/off power?
The multicontroller has two channels so you can set a pulse mode independent for each pump with the exception of the pulse length which is the same for both pumps. The main advantage over the timer is the tide mode can switch the pumps as frequently as 1 minute because it has a soft start that applies a small amount of power for a fraction of a second to get the rotor moving before going to full power.

Are you saying that the Multicontroler has to ability to do a programmed timer to "completely" shut the pump down for a length of time and then resume the pulse mode ?
Indipendantly for each pump also ?

Also, I assume that that the same rule of thumb applies for the
6010 & 6110 - No off & on more than once an hour.

The same rule of thumb applies accepting with the Multicontroller which allows intervals from 1min -12 hrs for the pumps to be off in tide mode. It turns one channel off while the other is on and then switches. The pulsing of each channel is programmed seperately, except the pulse length 1-7seconds which is the same for both channels.