Contemplating skimmer and return upgrade for 60


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So my birthday :celeb3: is coming up soon and I am going to use that as an excuse as normal folks would call it to upgrade or replace certain things on their reef tanks.

I purchased a 60 gallon cube with a 10 gallon sump about 8 months ago, so far everything is working along good. It came with a Mag 7 return pump and ASM Mini-G skimmer.

So far I've got about 5 fish and it's medium stocked I would say. But the Mag 7 was having some issues restarting and sounds like it could use a new impeller.

My needs are something reliable, cost friendly under $300,700-800 gph flow and wants but not necessary-controllable.

for the Skimmer, it is skimming along good so far. Pulling dark skimmate and I have no complaints with it, emptying every 4-5 days.

Should I even bother upgrading the skimmer? If I do, I need something with a smallish footprint for the sump. I know it's rated for 75 gallons but it does not specify whether light/medium or heavily stocked which I would doubt..

I just would like a cost effective and easy to tune skimmer that would handle my 8 fish bioload, I am a heavy feeder as well. would like cost to be under $300 as well.

Any recommendations?

I did see the Jebao return pumps but I am very skeptical on the reliability of those....


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Check out Reef Octopus varios 2 or 4 for some future usability. I've been using the older RODC version almost 3 years, very reliable and super easy to clean.


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That one definitely caught my eye, the pricing is great and reviews as well.

For the protein skimmer, i think the Eshopps X-120 might be on my to buy list. Any one have any luck with that skimmer?


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Quite frankly, if your skimmer is pulling out nice dark gunk, why bother changing it? The grass isn’t always greener on the other side.


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I have a reef octopus DC return pump running 3 years now. Love the ability to change the flow. I just got a new skimmer, a bubble magus curve elite... it is awesome. If your skimmer is working though I wouldn't worry about it. As for the jebao dc pumps... I had one running on my old skimmer for years no issue, still works today just not using now but I have had no issues with it. I would say its worth a shot.