Converting PC to T5 with Workhorse Ballast

Rainer Feyer

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Do any of you have any information on converting PC to T5? I have several Workhorse 5 Ballasts which I hate to use as paper weight.

If it is sensible, do any of you have a wiring diagram I could follow?

Thank you


p.s.: I know little about T5 - would it make a big difference when using T5 vs HO T5's?


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I just did this, I have 3 WH5s and currently one 54w T5 per ballast. I'll be adding 3 more as my corals get used to the higher output. Just 3 54w replacing 3 96w PCs is noticeably brighter. My Hydnophora loves it, my zoas need to be moved lower, as does a frogspawn thats up high. If I remember right you have 4 red wires and 2 yellow, just run a red to one end and a yellow to the other and you're good to go.