Coral for sale! Need gone by Sunday


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Hi all!

I've been letting my tank grow unchecked for while now, and I have some stuff that has just become too big for my tank and needs to go ASAP. I am going to be doing a major rock change on Monday, so whatever isn't gone by Sunday afternoon will be taking a trip to the LFS. If you're interested, please shoot me a message and we can work out details. The two montis and the mixed rock are large, so if interested, I would probably need you to bring a bucket to take home.

Reeftech Startburst monti (10-12" across) - $150
Seasons Greetings monti (~softball size) - $100
Tyree Orange Rainbow zoas (23+ on a small piece of LR) - $115
Mixed rock with Bam Bams, Yellow Brick Roads, Ironman mushrooms, and white start polyps - $100
Green mushroom rock (6+ on LR) - $20



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The rest of the pictures.


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Smoking deals! Wish I had the jack right now. Someone is getting the hook up!

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Id take the starburst monti if you still have it. LMK. can replay here or text me at 3147767444 and ask for Dave.