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Ok so I am here to see what everyone thinks the most important thing is to grow coral do you think its light flow waterchange or what? I am asking because my 24 gallon nanocube with a 150w de metal halide and just stock return pump with a koralia 1 powerhead doesbt seem to grow my coral it just seems to sustain and not thrive like I want it to I will get parameters when I get home from work. It is interesting because I have some frogspawn in my tank that really has not gained any growth since I have had it for about a year but the monti cap I put in it last month seems to be growing steadily. Kenya trees grow like crazy cause they are kenya trees mushrooms grow ok palys grow slow but are showing some improvement since I hace been dosing 2 part nano a and b. Anthelia seems to be growing the most which is not too much it had a growth spurt and now has stopped and last but not least gsp has not grown at all but has been slowly dying I have it in two spots one high in the tank and the other on the sand bed please let me know what you think I am thinking about adding more flow to see if that helps them grow. I do bi weekly water changes with reef crystals and probably top off with fresh water a gallon a day for coral food I blended some shrimp and squirt it in my tank about 2 times a week

rbp 4 135

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Check your PO4 level with a high sensitivity kit or colorimeter such as the hanna. High PO4 can inhibit calcification. Depending on what the level is, you may need to lower it with GFO or a number of other methods.

I would also check the following perams.


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Phosphates are at 0.25 calcium is at 500 nitrate are 0 I will be testing alk tomorrow as I forgot to tonight and magnesium I dont have a test kit for


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Randy Homes Farley, Advanced Aquaristic article,
"one research group found that long term enrichment of phosphate (2 mm; 0.19 ppm; maintained for 3 hours per day) on a natural patch reef on the Great Barrier Reef inhibited overall coral calcification by 43%"

Looks like you found the culprate, phosphates 0.25ppm. Aim for 0.01 - 0.05

Rowaphos or similar do the job, the correct carbon can help somewhat, but alot of carbon will actually leak phosphates.