coral hogfish - everyone attacked it


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Two days ago I picked up a juvenile coral hogfish and added it to my 46 gallon. My current livestock are a maroon clown (3"), a large starry blenny, a sunrise dottyback, and a coral banded shrimp.

As soon as I put the hogfish in, ALL the fish started chasing and attacking him - even the blenny who has never bothered anything. The shrimp was even reaching out at him with his pinchers as he passed by.

He made it to a rock and hid so I assumed he would be fine by tomorrow.... well I haven't seen him since. At this point I'm pretty sure he's dead.

I'm just curious about this behavior - is it because the hogfish is a more aggressive fish and they are trying to get rid of him while he's small? Is there some incompatibility issue going on? Just curious - hate to see fish die like that and would like to avoid this happening again.


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I think its generally what happens with any new additions as most fish/inverts are territorial, best thing you can do to ease the transition is use an aclimation box and put it inside the tank for a few days to a week, if no aggression is noticed then everything should be good for releasing into your display tank, if aggression exists after a week then it's probably a good idea to return to the store or trade for something else. Hope your new fish comes out from hiding.


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What is the current set up? FOWLR?

Maroons are notoriously aggressive and dottybacks can be bullies as well....Maybe they were standing their ground no pun intended.

I love the hogs they are always so pretty but there are very few that are reef safe so that doesn't work for me....


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It's not a FOWLR but I only have a few softies and he was so small that I wasn't worried for the time being.

I moved my rock around until I found him - dead. :mad: He was certainly attacked as he had some chunks missing and part of his tail was gone.

I'll have to look into an acclimation box I suppose.

I went ahead and reworked my aqua-scape since I had to move all the rocks around and it looks much better, so I guess that's the silver lining :fun4:


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I always add new fish to the tank just before lights out. That way the new fish can find a temporary home for the night, and the other fish can get used to the new fish when they wake up in the morning.