coral limits


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i have a 55 gallon tank with a 260watt (4.727wpg) cf light and im just starting to add coral to and i have herd many watts per gallon ideas for different coral types and they all seem to be diffrent so id love to get a strait forward awnser. thanks


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I have 265 watt power compacts on my 75 gallon. I have a few mushrooms, one zoo frag and an riteri anemone in my tank.


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i would add very few corals with that light.

theres no limit to the number of corals. its the types. id stick with zoanthaids , mushrooms, maybe some LPS if you place them high up in the tank. also are your bulbs new? CF bulbs have to be replaced often. ( every 6 months or so )


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Change the bulbs every 6 months and you'd be fine with just about everything but SPS. Upgrading to T5 or Metal Halide would give you more usable output/watt your are consuming with that CF fixture.


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That would be good for most lps and softies but not good for most nems, clams, sps etc. If you were looknig to get a lot of sps or something though i would reccommend mh lighting. WPG ratio rules arent a good thing to go by for corals. I have a 70 gallon w/ a 250 mh and two 65 cf actinics which gives me like 5.5 wpg which isnt a lot by some peoples ratios but i can keep any coral i please. I have a couple clams and some sps which are thriving.