coralife lighting that doesn't work


SWFMAS Event Coordinator
Has anybody else had problems with coralife? Anybody had any luck contacting them?

I have a 300 gallon tank with 2 lighting systems. One has 5 HQI bulbs from Aquamedic. In 18 months I have replaced one (1) bulb. I have a 3 bulb HQI fixture from coralife. In 8 months, I have replaced all 3 bulbs at least once. Two of the bulbs lasted less than a week. 6 days for one and 4 days for another. In six months, I have had to replace the ballast for a 32watt UV sterilizer and I am about to replace my second bulb.

In a nutshell, I personally think coralife light bulbs SUCK!! I want to contact them to let them know.