Corals falling


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My finger leather fell and landed in the sand, i thought I read somewhere that leathers shouldn't touch the sand. Will he be okay?? I think im gonna start using epoxy or something to hold them down better


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use super glue soft corals dont stick well to epoxy. and yes you should remove it from the sand. It may get stressed at its new location especially if it is not getting sufficent flow and lighting.


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You should be fine as long as you got it off the sand somewhat promptly. It isn't a huge deal, but not something you would want to let linger. If you can't get it to attach using superglue, use a rubber band wrapped very lightly around the rock and coral. It should attach within 2 weeks.


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I stopped using turbo snails for this exact reason...they knock down EVERYTHING!

But they clean so well :)
Anyways, he opened up like normal and seems alright. The coral is already attached to its own piece of rock, I was thinking of using epoxy to attach the piece of rock the leathers on to my live rock.

Whats weird though, the rock that came w/ the coral broke in half, I think the leathers roots or something were pushing through. It has already grown and i only had it for around a week or so.


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super glue gel. the locktite version has an awesome applicator. epoxy will screw up your skimmer for a while.