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Hello SoCal reefers.

Cambo123 is reaching the end for this hobby"¦at least for a few years. While I am sad to finally be exiting I am excited to find some new homes for my coral!

Please reach out via text at 602-361-9341 for the fastest response. I am located in West LA, around Wilshire/405. I am available after 5pm.

Note, my clown will be posted after the coral has been sold!

#1: lithophyllon coral 100$: I believe this guy is about 5 years old. They are sort of rare but VERY cool. It's basically an encrusting fungia that is much hardier. Loves low light. Unfortunately, I don't have the equipment to detach this from the rock so the rock goes with it. Bonus is the cool red/blueish shrooms will join with that!

#2 green favia coral 80$, ~5.5"x5" (no frags)

#3 Acanthastrea red ~35heads, 100$ (no frags)

#4 Acanthastrea pink ~35heads, 100$ (no frags)

$5 Krypto Candy Cane, 5$/head or 50$ takes them all

#6 dendrophyllia, 30$. (reserved CAdreamin) 1head. Pretty cool coral, 5 years old and previous owner had for 10! Not out for this pic but generally out day/night looking for food.

#7 mushrooms various. 10$. I have some more in the back not included I will add.

#8 Starpolyp rock with some zoas 10$

#9 Euphyllia Frogspawn, 10$/head, buy 4 get 1 free!

#10 Monti-cap pink 20$. This coral has been in a 2 year battle with the frogspawn and as a result is not as colorful. It is big though and might be a great starter monti.

Thanks for reading


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Thanks for everyone who has come by! I am always amazed with how awesome the people in this hobby are! Updates posted above.


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Sorry, can't edit above post

Krypto Candy Cane, 20$ for the remainder, 20 heads.
Monti-cap pink (free), this is in pieces now FYI

Starpolyp rock (spoken for)
Euphyllia Frogspawn (spoken for)

lithophyllon coral (sold)
green favia coral 80$ (sold)
Acanthastrea red ~35heads (sold)
Acanthastrea pink ~35heads (sold)
dendrophyllia, (sold)
mushrooms various (sold)