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Hello to all..
This maybe be slightly lengthy..I apologize in advance..
I have been out of the saltwater hobby for about a year due to quick move I had to make. I have gotten settled and have been itching to start again. I have been looking fervently on craigslist to get back into the hobby, and while the thought seems intimidating I really wanted to start a reef tank. I have always loved the look of a reef tank but didn't like the restrictions that it had with the fish. But I came across a deal I couldn't pass up on a 240g mixed reef tank.

So my dilemma, I purchased the tank (luckily the owner just needed the money, and can keep the tank until I am ready for it) As I would like to have time to get the cleaned set up and re plumbed before putting live stock in. I have a room on the back of the wall where I will be putting the tank that I am making into a fish room, As currently the tank has a just 40g sump under the tank. I recently came across another CL special that I figured I could make work for sump or sump/refugium for the 240 and put it in the fish room.
RR 75g
50g oceanic sump/drilled for external return
60g frag tank drilled at opposite sides
DAS skimmer
Ice cap ballasts
coral life t5 fixture
and miscellaneous things for $200 bucks

I have experience with FOWLR systems but used a berlin style sump never a refugium. I was hoping that I could get some detailed Ideas and or thoughts of a system for a sump/ refugium (Separate tanks)out of these tanks that I could make work, of if i should even do a refugium for a mixed reef or not.

Also any advice from people that have moved large reef tanks(successfully)
would be appreciated. Any experience with things like if I should transport as much of the water as I can, or make new. Reuse the sand or add new, how to transport the corals etc. I was hoping to maybe use one of the tanks from the list up there, to house the coral and live stock while I set up the main tank. As I said previously I have no hands on experience with coral, so i am a little worried about the corals for the the three hour move. Not sure how hearty/resilient most are.
Thank you.. look forward to joining the community.:wavehand:


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You haven't noted where you are located in your user profile but I would strongly suggest you look around to see if there is an aquarium club in your area. That would allow you to tap into local knowledge as well as possibly get a few helping hands for your move. Check with your LFS to see what's available near you.