couple of quesions


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I am in the process of setting up a 29 gallon tank, just starting to purchase all the equipment, but anyhow down the road I would like to get a clam most likely a squamosa because of the lower light I can handle. (I will have 300w vho) but anyhow I just read today that shirmp are bad to have with clams, and I was planning on getting shrimp (was...). So I just wanted to see if anything I am hoping to get would not be good to have with a clam.
Turbo Snails
Nassarious Snails (I hate trying to spell that.)
Six-line Wrasse
Neon Goby
1 other fish (undecided)
Hermit Crabs (I have heard these can be a problem what else to you keep to replace them)
and some corals also, like torch, open brain, ricordea's, some button polyps, and possibly a sps or two.
Well thanks for you help, sorry about the long post.
Welcome to the world of clams! Hermits Bad! Clams good! Shrimp Bad! Sixline Good! Squamosa is a good choice for your first clam. Read, read and read everything on clams. Torch coral, be careful-can sting a clam!
Jim, I didn't know that hermits and shrimp were bad for clams. I have a 15g tall with a squamosa. In that tank are also a peppermint shrimp, a coral banded shrimp, and 6 blue legged hermits (along with numerous other things). Everything seems fine so far. My shrimp and hermits go on about there everyday bussiness. Maybe some specific shrimp and hermits are bad and some ok??
I would think that there are some that may leave clams alone. Maybe like a clown trigger that would leave and silverside alone! I do not trust shrimp or crabs ---thats just me. There is a picture in a book (I think it is Sprung's book) that shows a sharon spring eating a clam! For me that says it all. Yet I have seen beautiful tanks with clams, crabs, angels, shrimps and ect. all doing fine!
I've had a T. deresa and T. squamosa for a few years with both peppermint shrimp and cleaner shrimp and they never bothered the clams. I don't trust hermits or crabs and try to remove them when I can catch them.

Just my experience,