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Hey guys,

I have decided to set up a mantis tank, I have kept a couple freshwater tanks but never a salt. I think I am going to use a 15-gallon with a Penguin 170 bio-wheel filter. Would this be enough for filtration? Any special substrate that I should use, (sand vs. gravel, large vs. small)?. Any advice of which species to buy and where I could get one online?

Sorry for all the questions, I went into my LFS to try and get some help but the guy looked at me like I was crazy. He said I was the first person in 3 years who was actually looking for one.

Again, I have never kept a salt tank so if any one has any links, book recommendations or any other advice about it I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks for you help.
info on keeping salt tanks

info on keeping salt tanks

Check out A lot of info on this website that will answer a lot of questions you might have. WARNING it is a pretty big website & you can spend many hours reading helpful info, but it is worth it.
Maybe a mix of sand & crushed coral/shells would be good. The penguin 170 should do great. I have a penguin mini (without bio-wheel) on my 10 gal. mini reef & I have had no problems. I've got that lil 10 packed as full as it can get & still had a bubble tip anemone split into 2 about 5 months ago. :D
I think that TAMPABAYSALTWATER.COM sells mantis shrimps, but I don't know what kind. Check out also. Good luck!