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Hello All,


I have this fella on my 1st part of the package. HAs anyone else seen this guy on thier rock? CAn any one ID this? It kinda looks like a porcelin crab but im not 100% sure. Right now he is in the 5 gallon tank just in case hes not reef safe!!


That's good news! I got a bunch of them guys. Does anyone out there have a picture of a bad guy?

ggod guys, bad guys

ggod guys, bad guys

We will be posting a picture of crabs on our web page in a day or two, just got back in town and have to bolt to the Keys to collect some critters, be back tomorrow or wed.
Richard TBS
Thanks Richard!!

There are a few more crabs id like to know about but have not been able to snap a pic of them yet!!!

Good luck on getting the critters!!! I cant wait till the 2nd part arrives! Everything is looking great!

If I recall Fenner's "Conscientious Marine Aquarist" (or maybe it was Fenner/Calfo "Reef Invertebrates"), porcelain crabs have one less set of visible legs. Not counting the big claws, only 3 sets of visible legs, versus 4 for all the other crabs.

I've got a picture posted here someplace (in a post, not in gallery) of a red emerald crab, which is a less desirable hitchhiker.
I found 2 of those porelain crabs when I got my rock 6 months I have 8-12 of them....they have yet to cause a problem and seem like they just filter feed with their "catchers mits".
Does anyone know if these breed in aquariums or were they just really small when I got them?
Hi guys, just wanted to share a more close up pic of one of the "good" guys, that I got from TBS last year.