"Crockodile Hunter" killed by stingray


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That is unbelievable... what a shame.. I really like watching that crazy bastard!

You would think he would have died from a croc bite or something like that...not a lousy stingray!


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Very unfortunate, he was a great conservationist and so passionate about all things great and small.

He has done fantastic things for Australians Wildlife and he will be missed.


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What a shame, he will be missed by so many.

A stingray, who would have thought, and what are the chances of the barb hitting exactly in the heart. Sometime you never know.


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wow thats a great loss for wildlife, thats a shame and bad luck to be kill for a stingray


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it is a real bummer I enjoyed watching his show... on a lighter note, I wonder if he will be buried in that safari oufit?


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Very sad

A true conservationist inspiring young and old alike

He was nutty, but fun to watch, he will missed


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On Thursday me, John, and the two lil' ones went to Stingray City and swam with stingrays. Got to hold them, pet them, cuddle with them...

Monday we found out that he was killed swimming with them.

What I've heard of statements made by his publicity crew (prior to his death) he was most likely to die in water because he was less accomplished in water than dealing with snakes and crocs.

It is a shame. He'll be missed and television will never be the same.