cure new rock with old???


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I just got some new fiji rock. I have a 29 gal and a 125 gal. If i put one piece at a time in the 29 would i cure it with out high ammonia spikes?


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I agree Do it in the can. But make sure it is FOOD GRADE. Like a Brute can. Other Non Food Grade cans can release chemicals into your water. And make sure you put a pump in the can as well to keep the water moving.


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You don't have too, but I always have --- and I also do water changes during the process too.

The reason being, I paid good money for quality live rock, and wanted to do everything I could to preserve all the life I paid for.

And if there is a concern about "wasting" salt water, I would just use the water from water changes from my other tank(s) -- that was was cleaner then the water that the rocks were curing in.