current usa vs coralife aqualight


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im currently building a new 5.5 gallon nano with built in fuge. i am stil trying to decide on a light fixture, my two options are the currents usa 18" dual t5 ho unit that puts out 36 total watts or the 12" PC coralife unit that puts out the same wattage. i was under the impression that the t5' would give me more light however the lfs suggested the coralife was better. (they had the coralife in stock so i was a little skeptical) just wondering if anyone had any opinions as i know many of you have used both.


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Have used both fixtures and now only use the Current T-5’s. I have 2 of these over my BC 14 and one over a 5.5 AGA. Have a light meter and no significant output difference but the T-5’s will last longer than the PC bulbs. In both cases the T-5’s just look better, more definition and better colors.