cuts and your tank


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So if you have a cut on your finger or hand for that matter, do you stick your hand in the tank? If so are there any dangers to doing besides the fact that it burns. It's a discussion we're having at work.


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You have the chance of having toxins enter your body. I think it's pretty slim to say the least that anything would happen. I work in a kitchen and cuts are a normal occurrence. I'm not going to bother putting a glove on every time I need to reach into the tank.


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Unless your going to wear heavy duty glove it doesn't matter if you have a cut or not since their are sharp object that can cut you in the tank. Yeah some toxic stuff in the tank that can enter into the cut then.


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IMO...our tank water is much cleaner than water at the beach where you might drink it while swimming or playing so I would not even worry about that.


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wear gloves when i put my hands in my tank...ya right...pretty soon people are going to start telling us to use those toilette seat covers in public restrooms....hypocondriacs. :)


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There was a post about zoas that are toxic, do a search. after read that post, I wear gloves. (cuts or no cuts)
i stick my hand in the water with cuts on the with no ill effect just the burn feeling of saltwater. but if you have sharks in the tank then i would not do it. Oh and dont frag zoos with open cuts on your hands also


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If you have any Palys or Protopalys, you might want to watch out. Otherwise, you are probably safe.