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I went to my LFS today to see what fish they recieved in shipment. AND THERE THEY WERE! Two cuttlefish. He said they weren't for sale yet because he didn't know much about them. they were about 4" long and were sitting in a rubbermaid container being acclimated.

Well, here it goes; How long do the live? How big do they get? . What should I feed him? What would be the minimum tank requirements for keeping one of these? I have a 75G with just some LR that I planned on making into a reef with no fish but I think I want a cuddlefish! Maybe I can keep the cuddlefish in a reef with no fish,shrimp or crabs. I think small blue legged hermits and snails should be OK. I'm gonna tak a look and see if I can find anymore info on them through out the archived cephalopod discussions. but please give me some answers to help me keep these AWESOME cephs. :D
Do a search of the forum and look up Sepia.bandensis. This is the species currently being imported into the USA. There are quite a few threads started on this subject.
This species usually dies from stress and collection methods. To date no one has had much luck keeping them alive. I think it will be a few more years till a decent supply of cuttle fish come into the trade. To fair well they should be captive hatched.