dead tangs....what is going on


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i dont understand,
i got a sailfin a month or so ago, it lived about a week or so, eating fine active then lost color and died

almost two weeks ago i got a PBT and it died this morning, it was also eating fine very active and colorfull. it had a horizontal line on his body (i thought it was just not eating enough) well it died and i dont know why

i have eight other fish 4 shrimp, 2 crabs, 4 corals (soft) all perameters are great...(nitrates 0 ,nitirtes 0, amonia 0, cal 400, ph 8.2, kh 12)and they all have been in there a while and they are perfect ! just seems to be the tangs, anyone know what the *#$% is going on with them ?:cry1:

this is very disturbing to me, might it be that they were doomed from the start ?maybe cyanide collecting or something.
well the sailfin was from marine warehouse on hillsborough (where i got most of my fish and my tank setup)and the PBT was from a place i never used before off of waters, cant remember the name...
the one on waters is probably Coral Reef Aquariums...

owners name is Lee

I do not have any experience with tangs so I cannot comment on them.

I do not feel that my 90 is large enough for them.
Were your tangs breathing heavy before they died? Tangs need higher oxygen levels in the tank to survive.

If everything else in your tank is doing great then I would suspect that, or, they were not collected properly and doomed before you even got them.
they were breathing fine, i just think the PBT was doomed before it began, i bought it for 35.00 which is extremely cheap, maybe that should have been a sign.