Debelius' Reef Lobster


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One of the local fish shops has a few small reef lobsters in stock right now. I really like them, but have never kept them and don't know a whole lot about them. First and foremost - can I house on in my 24 gallon tank? 2nd - are they compatible with other inverts (ie: snails, emerald crab). I have plenty of caves and live rock so I know there would be plenty of places for one to burrow. Any thoughts?


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A friend of mine had a reef lobster for a few years and never saw it - it found a hole in the rocks and stayed there. Chances are pretty good that it will go after your inverts and smaller fish.


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Usually stay hidden. I almost never saw mine, it would hide in a groove behind a big rock I had, I eventually forgot I had him since I never saw him. Ultimately, months went by and it faded from memory until I added an eel, needless to say he made quick work of him. At least someone got some enjoyment from him :) Oh, they will pray on other inverts FYI


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i have a purple reef lobster and never see it .... the wife thinks it was a big wast of money to have something you never see