different species of clowfish in same tank


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Would it be safe to add a juvi ocellaris with a sebae ? or vise versa with any species of clown fish, one of each.

I wouldnt mind adding a sebae with my ocellaris or a percula with ocellaris

but I want to know if its safe to do so first off.

they will be in a 25 gallon


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i have heard that its not a good idea to add the same species of 2 or more clowns, but idk about different species
i know your not suppost to addblack and white clowns with regular ocellaris

but i went ahead and added 4 clowns of the same species (ocellaris) and only the large female picked on the little ones that were not her mate

she didnt kill them though but it was in a 55 gallon tank and the pairs stayed away from each other

idk i would see what other people say first


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unless your tank is in the triple digits I wouldnt even think about mixing species. sebeas get large enough by themselves that they will be pushing the limits of a 25, not to mention what will happen if a pair of oc's is thrown in the mix.


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what about a pair of sebaes and one of those no stri[ed clowns. me and a fellow reefer of the bmas ( bidmarck mandan aquarium society) who owns a saltwater only fish store were talking about this today. in one of his tanks he has a pair of black and white occ., and they ignore the no sti[ped clowns completly. we were thinking this is because of their lack of stripes, they are not considered clowns by other clowns fish. anyone agree, so mabey it is possible


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unless your tank is in the triple digits I wouldnt even think about mixing species.

well i guess i am the lokies man because i have tow pairs one is fals percs and the secund one and lets say way biger are my moroon and they where in a 20g tank for 9 moths and now they are on my new 180g