Dinner time pics!!

Dr. Idso

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Here is a series of 3 dinnertime photos. Photo 1 has one of my bimacs coming in for it's hand-held meal. Photo 2 shows how it's tentacles had wrapped around my hand and pulled the crawdad away from my grasp. Finally, photo 3 shows a close-up of the crawdad meeting the octopus's beak.


Dr. Idso
Hi Bad fish,

I've never been beaked, nor have any of my students. But they have been tentacled, pulled, and squirted! Check out the 4 awesome pictures I posted on Halloween and see the adventure!


Dr. Idso
Just curious and have been doing a lot of reading. Very nice pics. What kind of setup do you have, filtration, skimmer, lighting, etc.? Thanks
StroKnight said:
do you know what other kinds of octopi can be kept captive besides the bimac and the blue ring

Not trying to pick on you or anything, but why on Earth would anyone knowingly keep a Blue Ring in their tank?!

I must also say, those pics rock :) Wish I could keep an octopus. Cool critter!