distanc from t5s to water


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how high off of he water should t5s be? i just built my canopy with t5 retro installed in it and was wondering what the average is. i keep lps some shrooms zoas and will maybe one day get some low light sps like monti caps or something at the very top, about 5-7 inches below the water. i have 5 bulbson a standard aga 90 gal. they sit about 5-6 inches above right now. is that good? thanks in advance.


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IMO, (and the inverse square law backs me up on this) as long as over heating of the water is not an issue, the closer, the better

(The inverse square law states that if you double the distance, it is 1/4 the intensity, or in reverse - if you half the distance, it will be 4 times stronger!!!)