DIY 20 Cree LED Pendant For Sale, Great Price!


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I have a DIY LED Pendant light that was over my 54 corner for about 2 1/2 years. It works with an APEX Variable Dimming connection.

The pendant has 20 Cree LEDs and 2 Meanwell drivers as follows;

"¢ 2 Meanwell ELN-60-48D Drivers
"¢ 8 Cree Cool White I believe XP-G with Lens
"¢ 12 Cree Royal Blue XR-E with lens

The pendant connects to an Apex controller via the included Cat 5 cable and 1 of the variable 0-10v ports on the Apex. This connection allows you to control the 2 colors, Royal Blue and Cool White to give you a variety of color combinations.

This light worked great on my 54 gallon corner tank and I am keeping my Apex controller until this light sells so that I can demonstrate that it works. It cost me about $400 to make and I am asking $100 obo as is.