Diy Ro/di?


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If you do a lot of shopping around for the parts, you might be able to save a couple of dollars, but in the long run you're better off buying a pre-built.

You can get some pretty decent RO/DI systems for around $100 on eBay (5 stage, 75 gpd). Just be sure it has a Filmtec RO membrane and refillable DI cartridge.


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I've found that it's generally better to just buy a system. I've priced out all the parts and it's pretty much always just a bit higher than the well-known Ebay vendors (cheapest I know of).

One of the reasons is that the vendors can buy the equipment with discounts for higher-volume orders. Plus, Ebay is the cheapest I've found the seperate parts, and this is almost always from the same vendors who will sell you the complete setups.