Do I change Carbon in Protein Skimmer?


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Should I be doing anything with the carbon (??) in my protein skimmer besides rinsing? I usually rinse with my RO/DI water, but should I be replacing it......if so, how often?

How about the filter media in my canister filter (Eheim pro II)


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a protien skimmer has nothing in it-its a chamber full of bubbles, that raises gunk into another chamber...

you may have something different set up, can you take pics?


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Swanwillow.....its the "other" chamber that has the black granular (assuming charcoal) filter media...not the bubble chamber.

I just hear that it may be better to do without so it wont collect nitrates....

Can charcoal filter media be cleaned?

Its a Red Sea Prizm skimmer.


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Its a Red Sea Prizm skimmer.

Yes you need to change the carbon.