do i need a surface skimmer?


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i am setting up a 10 gal AGA reef for predominantly sps corals.

Currently i have an AC300 fuge running about 300gph, anaAqua C Remora w/ MJ1200 at about 84gph, an AC30 pwerhead at 174 gph, and a Seio 620 at 620gph. i think i have pretty decent flow and surface agtation.

My questions are:
1. Do i really need a surface skimmer? My options are a preskimmer box for my Remora or an AC surface skimmer for my AC300. Of course, i would rather go without one in such a small tank.
2. Does it preskimmer box make that much of a difference? I was told it can improve the skimming efficiency in my Remora, but does it make that much of a difference in such a small tank?
if you arent getting surface scum on your tank, then my opinion would be no, you do not need a surface skimmer and if you are not getting surface scum, that means that the protien is homogonized in your tank and its not really going to make your skimmer perform any better.

if you are getting any type of surface scum, you definitely will get better usage out of your skimmer if you are taking water right from the top and it would do you some good.