do you guys worry about algae in your fuge?


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i'm starting to get a significant amount of algae on the glass of my fuge. my main is fine, and i think it has to do with the extended period of time the fuge has light, and the warmth of the bulb (6700/10000k 39w daylight pc).

i'm debating if i even should bother with scraping the glass.


this is obviously not about macro algae.


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I scrape the front panel of my fuge just so I can see what is going on. I certainly don't scrape it as often as my display tank, but it's always nice to see how your pod population is doing.


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I'm getting hair algae down in my fuge. Nitrate/Phosphate are unreadable, but that could be because the sump algea is using it up.

Should I try to kill it off or just leave it?


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i dont really worry about it in mine, as long as your display is clean then who care about your sump/fuge
The point of the refugium, when I use one, is to provide a place for algae to grow and suck up all the nutrients, so I say let it grow there. Hopefully it will clean the water column enough to prevent growth in the display. I've also found, though this is just anecdotal, that hair algae hosts massive populations of microfauna...'pods and much, much more:).