Do you sell blueline pumps?


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I will be setting up a 175g acrylic fish only tank with 1 center overflow with 1.5inch drain. I was thinking of a blueline 55hd 1100gph or the 40x at 1290gph for my return pump that I will split and run a chiller and uv to my 4 returns that are tee off on 2 tee that runs down in my overflow to bottom of tank. Of the 4 returns 2 are spray bars.

What flow rate should I be looking at?

What pump size would you recommend?
either blueline or Iwaki?
I worried about pump noise.

I need some advice


Yes, we carry those pumps, they are probably the best made pump around. I would highly recommend those over Iwaki. For your setup, i would go with a pressure pump because of all your splits, returns, etc. The 55 would be a good choice if you do not want too much flow. Hard to judge exactly what you would have left after all the elbows, splits etc. My best guess would be around 800gph turn over rate, that's still pretty decent. Going bigger is not a bad idea though, unless you plan on supplementing the tank with some powerheads etc.

If possible, i would recommend around 1000 plus gph turn over rate though, so you might think about the 70 model as well.

The 55 model would cost $219.90 and the 70 model would be $249.90. I imagine you'll net about 1200 with the 70 model.


thanks I will not be putting any powerheads due to the 2 returns and 2 spray bars I will have.

how are the noise level with the blueline 70hd compared to the 55hd. Noise is ok with me as long its not annoying and overwhelming, its my wife that does not want it to loud. So 55hd should be ok, Iam planning on stocking angels,and tangs and some butterflys maybe. Is the 70hd rated at 1700gph?

Which pump would you get or recommend, I just dont know which one to go with, I want flow but not to much where its hard to adjust and where my overflow cant keep up.

I was going with championlighting but I did not know you sell blueline pumps until I saw it here, because your online store does not show it

Well, Iam going to order either the blueline 55 or 70hd whichever you recommend since you are more experienced. I will also
get the aqua UV 25watt 3/4inch with wiper. do you match prices?
champion has it for 194.90. and is going to thrown in 3/4 barbs or attachment to hook up the UV inlet and outlet for me would you be able to do that to?

I will need some plumbing parts as for the pump I will need some pvc to go from 1inch outlet to 3/4 and also need a ball valve Iam guessing 3/4 then a 1 tee to split. to chiller. I will probably need 1 more 3/4 barbs.

either 55hd or 70hd

aqua uv 25watt with wiper thrown in 2 3/4 barbs to screw into outlet and inlet

pvc to reduce outet of pump 1inch to 3/4

Ball valve

1 tee not sure what size is it 3/4

need 2 more 3/4 barbs

How much would shipping be my zipcode is Honolulu, Hi 96825
My name is John

I will call you on Monday to place the order if you can match the price and shipping right now looking if it will be cheaper from you or championlighting. As for my choice I rather go with premium aquatics.

sorry its so long this is my first 175g acrylic tank and I want to do it right. As for the pvc hookup I might need help on what I will need

talk to you soon
What do you have that is compariable to a Iwaki 100RLT in the blueline Line. I want to get one of those but just heard about these bluelines. Are they quieter, as good, and last as long as the Iwaki? What about the flow? Same as the 100RLT or better? Let me know. Jeremy
Hi Jeremy,

The equal pump would be Blueline 100MD or our code is PAN WORLD MODEL 250PS EXTERNAL PUMP (md100R equivalent) $319.90. 1900gph, max head 45 feet.

These pumps in our opinion are far superior to Iwaki, 2 year warranty, quiet for external high volume pumps. The engineer of these pumps use to run the show at Iwaki.
Sorry, i'm still working on the web pages, but we do have them instock at our warehouse.