Does Cheato like 50/50 PCs?


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hey guys, i'm just curious how many of you are running 50/50 PCs 24/7 in your fuge and your Cheato grows crazy. The other guy and myself had no luck with it, it kept dying and both of us run 50/50s.

I am just trying to confirm that it had to problems with this light 24/7.

Thanks a bunch :bum:

steve the plumb

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I am using 50/50 in my fuge but I have grape calerpa.Its growing fine.I have used 6700k in the past.It seems to me it was growing faster under that lighting.It doesn't bother me since its growing under both lights.I tried running lights 17 hrs a day,24/7,and opening and closing them manually(whenever I had the time)I found best growth rate was with 6700 k and lights on 17 hrs a day.But I have good growth rate using both methods.I am also adding iron.I did notice a big differance when using iron.I had much faster growth rate when I started using it.I just follow directions.I am using the kent brand.


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I have my cheato under 1x10K PC and 1x50/50 PC and it is growing fine. I have had it under 20K MH as well and it grew fine. It seems to grow for me about the same under both lights. I keep the lights on about 16hrs a day, give or take.


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I run my fuge lighting 24/7 and just use a shop light, with a spiral 21w bulb that put's out 75w, it makes my stuff grow great and it is only $3 to replace the bulb every few months.



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nice, rjwilson37 you even get coraline all over your fuge/sump, looking good man. i guess i will replace my PC with some standard flood light from HD or something...


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I've tried PC 6500K lights in the past. I've had much better success with a cheap HD aluminum light and spiral 5800K 21W bulb. My Chaeto doubles in size every other week.
I just use the home depot light, forget which one it is, there were a lot of threads on it a while back. Works great, started with a small clump and now have my large sump full of it.


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I just use a work light from Home Depot.The one with the clamp and take the metal shield off. I put in one of the energy saver bulbs with the built in reflector. It has a rating of 75 watts and uses 19 watts. Cheato grows like a weed in my fuge.