Does this sound good?


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Well, for those who read my last thread, I did feel a little bad but being a poor college student makes me kinda all for one right now, plus i didnt find the error until i was home. Thats it, the thread closed before i could post again so there it is. Done.


I am doing a 2 gallon pico to hold snails crabs and shrimp only. I have 2-3 lbs live rock and 6 lbs of Calcium and Magnesium carbonate sand. Is that sand ok? It was labeled for land hermits but looked ok. I am using a mini 50/50 PC with 10 watts. Does this sound feesable? Do i need a heater for these inverts if my room temp is usually between 72-76?


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not sure on the sand, the lighting sounds fine. and i would get a thermometer to watch the tank temp but i doubt you'll need a heater.


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I have a 3 gal tank with 5 or so lbs live rock and about 4" of live sand. one peppermint shrimp, one scarlet leg hermit crab, one royal gramma and I use a small tank heater from wal-mart stay at 78º.