Don't forget to fill out your CDMAS Membership app

Rainer Feyer

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My guess is that it would be good for all members - otherwise, how will Joe et al be able to keep an updated list of all members?

I do have a question: the application form was created with some type of coffecup website. Are you certain that this coffeecup site does not interact with the information entered in to the form? Just to make sure,


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all members need to fill this we can update the CDMAS membership and have info on file. This will help us organize CDMAS a bit. As for the program....all info goes to, they have no interaction with the info.


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Just read Article 4, Section 1 of the CDMAS Bylaws!

"Article 4. Membership
Section 1. Individual membership shall be open to any person. To qualify for membership, a person shall complete an application. "

Says it all right there.