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Hello all. Im reposting my drygoods for sale w/ price reductions from last fall when I initially posted. My SPS tank crashed last fall and I have decided not to restart at this time. Since then my stuff has been waiting the winter patiently in my garage. Im located in Clinton and am willing to ship some of the items. I can be contacted most easily by email or PM. Thanks.


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you can suppliment my misfortune by providing me with multible free frags of very rare and exotic corals


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I need to amend my post and I apologize for any confusion. The lighting cannot be separated. The dual MH reside in a hood w/ the dual VHOs running alongside. There is a piece of glass which covers the opening and is in good shape. This was bought by order from LFS in chicago at the time and came pre-built by PFO and is not self-built. The ballasts were originally 2 single PFO 250W MH for SE bulbs but I upgraded the ballast to a dual PFO 400W HQI to run SE bulbs, not DE. The VHO ballast is the Icecap and also works great. Its my understanding that at least 2 more VHO bulbs can be added to the hood for those technically inclined enough. I have not used it in at least 6months but was working perfectly on digital timers w/o issue when I did use them. The only issue was the eyehook on one side on top was loose but I had the hood sitting on top of tank and was not an problem. This item is also VERY heavy and would be difficult to ship at a reasonable cost. Similar models can be seen online at Marine Depot. Again, sorry for confusion.


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pm sent on icecap 430

He's not currently parting out the light setup, though if he does I hope he decides before Friday when I'm heading that way to go to Shedd in Chicago. I wanted the pfo hqi's.


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tried to send a PM - here is what I sent


Are you now in Des Moines or still in chicago?? If not how much for shipping to 50323? (Urbandale outside of Des Moines)

I am interested in the RO/DI unit - how much life is left on those cartridges.

I am wanting a nice product and I think the AWI guys do a great job - let me know and I can paypal you or pick it up if you are local.


~ Jerome (aka Overanalyzer)

just shoot me a PM with the answer!


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If overanalyzer doesn't want the ro/di put me next in line. I would also like to know the status on the filters.


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I'd possibly be interested in the skimmer. I don't have a sump yet so need to think about the type of skimmer etc I'm going to be throwing on it so like to chat and see how ya like the brand etc for ease of use and all that sort of stuff.

Also interested in the 820 seio's if you have any left.