"Dry Shipping"?


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Hi Anthony,
What do you think is the best shipping/mailing method for corals?
I've read (in your book) a bit about dry shipping, that is a moist environment, but don't know I understand how to do it myself. What in your opinion is the best coral mailing method. Is it 100% imperative to ship overnight or might 2-3 day mail be feasible.
The dry shipping method is optimal sometimes.... but the exact shipping method you choose depends on the species of coral - case by case basis.

We simply cannot say that there is one best way for all corals.

For those species that will tolerate shipping dry.. the advantage is that they can ship over longer distances than the same (sensitive) species ship submerged... but the disadvantage is that the lack of water makes the temperature in the shipping box less stable. Thus... you have to be more careful/experienced with heat/cold packs and to figure our how much to use for how long the ETA is and to where/climate (many variables here).

I'm going to guess that your reference to overnight versus 2-3 day is for shipments by Fedex or a like carrier.

Frankly... I do not recommed shipping livestock by that method. Its always best to go with commercial airlines IMO where most of their cargo areas (bays, bellies, trucks, etc) are somewhat climate controlled (for shipping live pets, perishables, etc)... in contrast to most overnight carriers that have none. As such, mortality and morbidity is higher categorically and that I cannot abide by when a drive to the local airport for pickup is possible. (responsible use of resources, as they say)

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