Effects of feeding Nanochloropsus

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I have been dosing my tank with nano every day for some time now and was curious what others were experiencing in their dosing of nano or DT's (additional fauna, polyp extension, growth, etc.). I have seen several effects that I was wondering if I can attribute to this, but was wondering what others were seeing in their tanks after a month or so of dosing.

I've been dosing the DT's for the last six months{recently switched to the cryopastes}...I've got tons of tiny tube worms and feather-dusters and the sandbed is swarming with life...The corals seem to have extended more; however, it's hard to remember as that was half a year ago when I started ;) I do know everything is growing well and nothing has died; so something sure does like it...Now that I've switched to the paste form, I can afford to feed daily and use a mixture of Nannochloropsis, T-Isochrysis, and Tetraselmis...The Nanno/T-Iso mixture provides a great DHA/EPA balance for nutritional value, and the Tetra has a mild antibiotic property...I'm waiting for the retail of the Pavlova paste to round out my additions...Best regards...Jim
Do you turn off your skimmer when you feed/dose the photoplankton?
If so how long is it off?
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Gee, I feel ignorant and must have missed something... what's Nanochloropsus and DT's???

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I have saw many of the same things that you have with cryopaste addition. Have you noticed an increase in the pod populatins as well since if I remember correctly you run a tank dedicated to their culture? My pod populations seemed to have increased greatly.

For $10.00 it is worth a try and you wil find that it is very concentrated (sludge like). A drop will go a long way. A couple of drops worth can tint my 120g green for a few hours if I don't turn off the skimmer.

I had been feeding the DT's brand months before setting up the pod tank, so it's hard to say if there was an increase or not...I added the nanno's{DT's} to the pod tank from the very begining, which kinda makes it hard to have a "before and after" comparison...I know its swarming with critters and I've given starter cultures away to others in my area with good results...When I first set the breeder tank up, I split the critter kits between the display tank and the breeder tank...That way I can seed future tanks without digging into the display tank...Best regards...Jim
Like many others, I've experienced increased polyp extension in my soft corals, and what seesm to be an increase in the amount of life in my sandbed. However, I also feed the sandbed with sinking pellet food. Another thing I've noticed since I began using DT's is that less algae forms on the glass. I can go longer between glass cleanings. Of course, the addition of Nanopaste and DT aren't the only changes I've made to my regimen in the past year.
Not yet...I've been trying to catch whatever chomped him with a home made glass trap, but haven't had any luck...I'm still puzzled as to what it was and don't want to risk another before finding out...best regards...JIm
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