Euphyllia yaeyamaensis or divisa?

Corpus Callosum

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standard compact frogspawn structure or Euphyllia yaeyamaensis?

saw this unhealthy at a LFS had to pick it up and give it a shot. Slightly bleached and receding but otherwise well. Extending much more in my tank than in the store's tanks, and in a shady area while getting used to my T5 lamps.



If you paid more than the average pirice for a frogspawn it's a yaeyamaensis. They are a relativly rare in the trade. But maybe you got lucky.
i also fragged this already.. one piece with 3 heads and one piece with 2 heads.. 2 header will go into another persons tank later on for a nice trade i hope :)
i know this is a REALLY old thread.

but just in case newbies wander upon it. that coral is not in any way unhealthy, receded, or bleached. that is just how octopus corals/octospawns look