Need Help Identifying Gem Tang Behavior/Sickness

This community is really something, right @McReefer Nista ? Thank you for your words and thank you for sharing your story as well. I am also sorry for your losses. While it seems like it was awhile ago for you, you understand that doesn't mean you will ever forget your beloved pets. While it's great we get chances for "do overs" it still comes at costs and I seriously beat myself up about losing fish. I still have not replaced my Anthias and Gem that I lost recently. Instead, concentrating on fixing up the tank. I just built a top to prevent any floor surfing fish. I purchased a reefmat and have to research modding my sump so I can install it. I still have a spaghetti cord mess on the floor that I need to clean up and I want to do a redesign of my aquascape.

So alot more to do and I definitely will reach out to Dr. Reef when the time is right. Nice to meet you as well!

Be off and on here. Mostly off as I am dealing with a Bloom in my main tank downstairs. Just lost my female designer Clown fish Betty. So now the boy is so lonely ina big o tank. It kills me but the corals are looking good. I cannot bring myself in invest in fish right now. I care deeply like you do and it truly affects me. But I am in all the way to perfect and keep the reef going in my house up and downstairs. You my dear are going to be fine. I miss all that have pasted, but the memories of the pleasure and smiles they brought to me is priceless. I love that! Good luck and happy reefing. Its tough at times and I have learned patients and do nothing drastic or clean to perfection. Thats my big trouble. Clean freak and I have let it go a lot compared to how I was. I read and listen more too! Take care and see ya around. Attached is my Betty. She was a she devil! And Mike my dotty back Gobey. ZHe passed from injuries while living across the street becuase we had to fumigate. he got sucked into a potable canister (i did not think he he get close to it) twice! he was in there two weeks the fist time and almost two weeks the second time. Built him an new tank with cool rocks he could slither in the holes and chill. he loved me and tried so hard to heal but it was hard and he finally just poof!


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