Euro Reef Cs6-2 Nw Replacement


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Is the ASM nw for the sedra 5000 the same foor the euro reef? I can't see how the 220 dollar extra charge is justified for an impeller replacement unless there is a difference between the 2. Either way..please advise on this...mine keeps seizing up and I know the magnet is swollen. THANKS ALOT everyone!



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I've run an ER 6-1 for years, and have replaced the impeller a few times. I also have a new RC135 on another tank; both are run by the Sedra 5000. The new ER impellers are gray and more flexible, and are supposed to draw more air. The other impellers are more rigid and are made of a opaque plastic. Are they interchangable? Yes. Is there a huge difference? I don't think so, but I also don't have an air meter. It's also hard to compare a recirc. model with a regular model. Hope this helps!


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I got an asm version for my sedra 3500/ES5-3, works fine, though I did just trim the pins and did a mesh-mod after a year, just to see how it worked.