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What are the most exotic colors you guys have seen in clams? The only colors I come across are green,purple and brown mostly and I have those colors already in a deresa,maxima and a crocea.


Here are a few from the boston reefers society auction:


How bout this one?

<img src =http://www.reefcentral.com/forums/attachment.php?s=&postid=2213187>

Love that derasa! I was actually debating ordering it but i can't afford shipping for 1 clam. Take some pics when you get it i'm curious as to whether it looks red from a side view as well.

I'll have to dig out the digi. She's fairly peach/pink from the side.
I ordered the monti that used to be purple too. Just hoping maybe it'll color up.
Okay, how do you get an avatar? Love the MF!
Here's my crocea. The photo doesn't show the gold very well. The light area is a real nice bright gold. Hope you like.
brekke said:
I just bought this one. Rob swears the color is correct. She's flying in tomorrow! (Jet-set derasa!)

You might have to copy and paste. Not sure.
Is the link to a different clam? :confused: That looks like a run-of-the-mill Derasa to me... What is special about it? (No offense, I think Derasa clams are really cool, and I have one just like it, but it looks pretty plain to me.) ;)
Re: colors

Re: colors

Scott Merrill said:
Here are a few from the boston reefers society auction:

I really like to see the picture of the T. squamosa pictured on your Avatar. That is a beauty.