eye help


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we have a a 900g filled with fish. An assortment of gangs and several angels. Several days ago the korans eye was cloudy and is getting puffy. Looks nasty. Well today our large sailfins eye looks cloudy to. Getting these fish out of this tank will be next to impossible. What is the best road to take. Water quality is perfect, I hoped it was just isolated, I really hate treating the whole tank, seems like usually ends up doing more damage than good. Help!!!


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one eye sugest eye trauma but with 2 fish affected i am not so sure.

treating them in the tank aint going to be easy you might try melafix but it is not that good really.

could something be targetting these fish

if you can i would isolate and treat with furan 2.


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treating a tank that size with melafix will be costly. plus any lighting is presumed to affect the strength of the meds. i would go with a couple water changes and boost the diet to start with.


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I just found this site, hope it helps. It says that what you're fish have may be caused by flukes, or a Gram Negative Bacterial infection, or some other infection. Check it out, it even suggests treatments.


I would try and figure it out asap. a LFS near here had the same thing start happening in their tanks,a nd they lost all their fish, dozens and dozens. Don't panic though there's almost certainly a cure.