Far From Stock NC24


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I haven't been a big participant of RC, just browsed mostly. I'm a little more active on nano-reef and have shared this tank with the people there and I thought it might be fun to share it here now with people that I don't know. Some of you might know me under the user name "shao-lin nano"...anyway, so here is my tank that I started modifying sometime last year and added water last July.

The Mods:


Glass Shield:

Upgraded Air Flow:

New Vent:

I've also got a Fluval 204 filter in the stand and an Aqua Medic Titan 150 Chiller.

I've got a ReefKeeper mounted into the stand:

The ReefKeeper controlls the lighting, cooling, and heating. I have 2 80mm fans mounted to the lid controlled by the RK for evap cooling. I can't find the pics for that right now.

Here are some shots of the corals:




Thanks for looking.
WOW. Nice mods. That's a buttload of light. Everything's super clean looking.

How about a shot of the whole setup? Stand and all.
Awesome!!! :) Did you order this from nanotuners or did you make it yourself? I'd love to see a full tank shot!!!
I love the zoos and the frogspawn! Where did you get the dendro?

I would like to see a full tank shot as well. Great pics!
Dendro is from a LFS in Southern California.

His site is still under construction but I know he shipps his stuff.
The site has all his contact information.

I was just at his store today and saw some nice dendros...nicer than the one I have.

It'll take me some time to take a FTS but I'll do it sometime soon.
awesome tank - definitely put a full setup shot up.

above anything i loooooove the dendrophylia. i have been looking for a piece for a long time.
...how much does dendrophylia usually go for? I just got a price from the guy you recommended and the price is way over my head. I could rather get a new MH unit for my tank with that price.
The extra vent was from a "bay drive fan" from computer accessories, easily found on ebay for around $5. I just took the grill off and glued it to the top where I made the hole.

My temp is stable at 78 +/- 0.5F. The ReefKeeper is keeping temps amazingly rock steady.

Dendros go for around $50/head I think. The link to the LFS I posted above has them for around $30 something but they're all multi heads so you're still looking at minimum $100 or so for the peices he sells.

Thanks for the complements everyone.

I have a hard time with full tank shots because the light intensity is a lot more at the top than at the bottom and with my point-and-shoot digi cam, the top will look really white and bright...the color looks all distorted. I'll still try later.
Nice mods and nice tank :thumbsup:

Btw, you name is appropriate "energy_crisis" :lol:
energy_crisis, this is one of the BEST nc mods I have seen. I have been looking into upgrading my lighting and after seeing this, I don't even know what to do! Was this an extremely difficult project to do (i.e. a lot of soldering and dremmeling) or basically just ordering some new hardware and retrofitting it in? I'd love to do this or something similar to my 24DX (esp. with the MH in there) and any help you can give would be greatly appreciated! If you can point me to your post on the other forum too I'd also appreciate it.
Do you have a webpage where you layout how you modified the hood?

Nice system! A lot of color, really beautiful healthy looking coral.