Feedback on WavySea / SeaSwirl?


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Could people provide some feedback on these please? Reliability etc?

Anybody have these mounted on a tank with eurobracing?

Also, I was wondering if it was possible to adjust the degree of rotation on the SeaSwirl. The product literature I've seen says it rotates 90 degrees; is that completely fixed?

Thanks :D


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Thgere are 2 settings for the Seaswirl. I have mine on the back of the tank rotating 180 degrees.


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I have a wavy sea plus and a sea swirl. Sea swirl is gigantic and wavy sea is less.

The wavy sea can handle more gph through it than sea swirl, so you should take that into consideration.

As for the wavy sea, I like it but for the $$$, not so much. I have 2 and both stopped swirling after a year and needs to get sent back to fix.

The sea swirl also stopped rotating on me, but I haven't really looked at it to fix the problem, so it could be a quick fix.

Good luck.


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I have a 3/4" on a 40 breeder I have set up in the back. I run 800 gph thru it and it seems to be enough flow for that tank.


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<a href=showthread.php?s=&postid=12856723#post12856723 target=_blank>Originally posted</a> by Jeff
Thgere are 2 settings for the Seaswirl. I have mine on the back of the tank rotating 180 degrees.
I never knew that!


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When you first bought that Swirl, you had 2 painted notchs on it. Depending on where you lined up the nozzel it will turn either 45 or 90 degrees (if memory serves).


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Interesting, I didn't know that. Thanks Jeff.

I've heard many people have problems with the Wavy Sea's, which is unfortunate given their pricetag. That steers me towards the Sea Swirl for sure... although I agree, the size might be a problem on my tank.


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The Swirls that I have (4), unfortunately only swing 90 degrees. The colored dots are there to show you how to set up your swirl depending on where it is in your tank. If it's in the left corner, right corner or the middle of your tank.

180 would be nice though!


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I had a sea swirl, the rotater arm broke, bout a replacement, it broke, I gave the unit away.
Nice unit, however the rotating arm doesn't seem to be strong enough.
Why not a ocean motion with some revolutions. Yes a bit more $$$, but well worth it IMHO


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Thanks for the feedback folks.

I've got a closed loop running with an ocean's motion, and that's doing great. I wanted to set up another smaller loop to pump from the other side of the tank and improve my flow distribution (easier if I could just show my tank layout, ha).

Now that I see the price on these, realizing I wanted to buy two, and thinking about what it is I'm really trying to accomplish, I'm just going to make something myself I think. If it works I'll post it up in here. [Big "if"; I tried making an ocean's motion too, and got it to run in dry tests but not under pressure... this might turn out the same...]


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Just bought a 1/2" SeaSwirl to compliment my Oceans Motion. Only running about 350 GPH through it and so far I love it. Really depends on what you expect to get from the device.



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Jim here's the pic of my ghetto swirl devices , 2 back ones have moded maxi-jets zip-tied to them and motor on right is swinging koralia 3. For closed loop you could use something similar for movement and just design swinging 90 deg. elbow under water. I used 3/4 rpm 9v. motors. All DIY for under $15 including motors.
Hope this helps



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I guess I'm the wavy sea rep., I've been running one well over a year and a half, spinning a tunze stream, no problems.
I just took out my wavebox and I'm running 2 wavy seas now.
I have to reset them occasionally but no other problems.


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+1 for the Sea Swirls. I've got 2 1" swirls pushing at least 700gph through each (Mag18 pump) and love them. My two main complaints are that the range of motion is not adjustable and you have to BE CAREFUL with them when changing/removing the swirl. One good twist and you'll pop the piece that RobTop was talking about. If anything gets in the way of them it's also problematic. Mine are fine but I was fortunate enough to have friends show me how not to remove the lower piping. :) They do work though, i've been happy with them so far and my corals seem to do better as well.


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It's been a couple weeks, but I finished the project this weekend. I'll get some photos uploaded tomorrow or Tuesday. I used some PVC sheet I had laying around, a microwave turntable motor, and some common PVC fittings etc and made a 2-outlet swirl-thing.

Only problem I have right now is I picked a pump that's too low gpm for my liking :) That's easy to fix.


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driftin -- I am thinking of a 3/4 inch ss too.

I am interested in seeing how your diy came out... maybe i will give it a shot!