feeding my baby


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Hey guys,

I've had my baby bimac for about a month now, got him from Flyingfish. Just had a couple of questions..

All I've been feeding him is Ghost shrimp atleast twice a day. Is this enouph nutritionally? What else can i try, his head is a little smaller than a ping-pong ball? I also have a couple hermits and snails in the tank so i know if he was really itchin for something different he could go for those. Also..How long until he gets about full grown? Lastly.. Well he go after sandsifting cuccumbers??

You can but fresh scallops and give him little pieces. I have had a yellow cuke with him since day one and he does not even seem to notice it, it is very slow moving. He would be good with a fast moving star, I put in a Chocolate Chip star but it kept trying to digest the cuke, pretty weird.