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So I am wanting to know how people are feeding their fish while at work ..? I have fish that need to be fed 4 times a day or so and am only feed them about 2 times a day. I feed only frozen (mix)

I was thinking about getting an automatic feeder but have only seen that they take dry food. I am not against dry (flake food) but I have always been told that the phos. can jump.

The fish I have are anthias they all seem to be doing good but would like and auto feeder if I can get one that works the way I want. So how are you feed your fish 4-5 times a day with no one home..?


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I never have and I have kept anthias in the past with no issues. I found that 2 times a day worked fine for me. They stayed nice and fat until I sold that tank. Im sure others will not agree with that, so wait for other responses.


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yeah I have not any issues but would like to have a feeding time in the middle of the day while I am at work.....now I have seen some people make a auto feeder out of a small fridge and some dosing pumps but I do not want to go that far into it. On the other hand I do not feed (or have not fed dry food). So I was thinking frozen in the am and pm with an auto feeder in the middle of the day with dry food to mix up the food alittle...what is everyones thoughts on dry food once a day..? and what is a good dry food for fish...stocked now

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My Lyretail anthias have been fat and happy with twice a day feedings for over year.
I assume they are also eating pods and nipping at Nori as well.
I see your tank is older than mine so it must have a good pod population.
Your fish will be fine.