Feeding Schedules?


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I've got my routine down, but as the summer heats up, I'm considering shifting my lighting cycles, which will necessitate a change in feeding.

Generally, I wake up around 7, and turn the lights on by hand (slight variance, but pretty regular, all things considered). I feed around 730, then out the door for work. I come home, enjoy the last 2 hours of lights, then lights out at 7.

To decrease heat and increase viewable-hours, I'm considering moving the lighting cycle back ~3 hours (10am-10pm) - the obvious problem being that I won't be able to feed on my way out the door.

Do most of you try to feed early morning? Or later in the day? In thinking about most of my corals, the LPS are definitely more open and receptive later in the day, so I'm guessing the feeding change should help them. Anyone familiar with the feeding habits of common fish? Do they care when they feed, as long as it's consistent?


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Feeding times depend on the fish species. Most fish eat constantly throughout the day, so multiple small feedings is best.

You can always get an autofeeder for any feedings you can't make. And light timers are the BEST!

EDIT: Oh I see, you want to feed in the PM instead of AM. That should be 100% fine. The only problem would be if you have nocturnal fishes that have become used to an early AM feeding, but with a little encouragement they should be able to switch, too.